A marketplace for Artisans to satisfy all décor needs

What do two old telecom colleagues with Marketing and Data intelligence backgrounds come up with, in one of the thousand conversations about starting a business?

It all started one fine evening in 2021, on our usual call about life and beyond where we discussed about how the myriad art/craft setups in Rajasthan are slowly diminishing giving way to consolidated bigger players, killing a few old art forms.This led to a realization that the small artisans have struggled and will keep struggling during covid and the rapidly progressing digital wave to make ends meet. They are missing one core thing, the ability to sell online. And we believe if we can make a platform which supports the artisans journey online, we can teach and make them self sufficient to sell their products as well.

The rest is history…..


Enable artisans to sell to Décor connoisseurs who want quality and in return give back to the society

We are a team of technocrats who believe technology can solve everything and Artcliq can solve the artisans ability to sell online.

Unlike other platforms where a seller is just another in the list, we are a dedicated décor marketplace directly for the artisans. We enable the Artisan’s journey through an online and offline model to make them succeed and not get lost in the sea of products and sellers.

Our marketplace also ensures the best of products for our décor lovers, which they would be proud to own.


“If your intent is good, good things will happen”

Gaurav a Marketing and Digital native who has spent the majority of his career in making products that enhance lives. He has worked in several of the leading telcos in India, Asia and Europe. He decided it was time to try and build something on his own. He is also known for his pravachans (long pointless discussions). He can be found playing games on his mobile in the evenings like a true adult.

Thaneshwar a data enthusiast who has donned multiple hats of a teacher, business intelligence head, sales manager, running a digital service business, this is not the end. He is known for his keen eye for understanding any business through its data. Occasionally, he can be found roaming around the streets trying out various hats at the hat stores. He can be found playing in the rains before any human, animal or alien enters.

We empower artisans and delight our customers…

We take care that every single piece of décor is uniquely handcrafted. We endeavor hard to keep our customers satisfied and feel delighted. A dedicated team of artistic, young and technical workforce makes this possible. Shop online with us for a wide range of Indian traditional handicrafts, handmade Items, art type like wooden, metallic, stone, acrylic, paper mache Our products are ready to shipped all over world.

So Don't take time, Shop & Enjoy Your Day.